-Written By Taresh Bhatia

The Richness Principles is a book on how a common man can become an affluent person by following simple guidelines. Irrespective of the earning or assets owned, the insights mentioned in this book are, in fact, implementable in everyday life.

   *Availaible in PDF & Kindle.

About The Author

Taresh Bhatia

Born to a journalist and a teacher, writing and teaching has been instilled in his genes. He went broke three times in his life. However, he soon started taking those failures as learning opportunities. And within a short time, he not only recovered but retaliated to keep his head held high! 

Now let’s take a sneak-peek in his educational background. Well, Taresh Bhatia is a graduate from Delhi University.  He holds an MBA degree from IMI Institute, New Delhi. Besides, he took a sabbatical for two years in 2011 and studied intensely to take an even deeper plunge into the mechanics of the so-called ‘financial freedom’. He cleared the most prestigious and the highest certification in the world of personal finance- CFPCM, (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM).

But this was still not the end of his expedition. It was rather the beginning. His obsession flew him to many countries. He read hundreds of books on Financial Freedom. He continued adding to the treasure-trove of his learning by attending numerous conferences, workshops, seminars and kept updating himself to the last-minute updates.

Today, he works as a Financial Planner, helping individuals and families to be financially free, free from worries about money. He has helped over 1000 individuals and families (the number is still counting) and has organized their financial life for them to move positively towards their financial goals. He has been a navigator to them, steering them to accomplish their aspired financial goals.

Taresh has expertise in offering the best personal financial advice which, is backed by over 30 years of industry experience and a multitude of learnings. His tailored advice equips his clients with Systematic Savings and Goal Tracking. By employing his proven techniques and process-driven approach, one can be assured of a well-organized financial life ahead.

He is the Founder and Partner in the firm, Advantage Financial Planners LLP- which is registered with SEBI as a “Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The company provides financial planning advisory services from its office in Gurgaon, India.

He lives in Gurgaon and is happily married to Meghna. He has been blessed with a beautiful daughter Bhavika and a charming son Bhavya. 

He is a strong believer in the saying that ‘learning is a life-long process’. Therefore, he always keeps his mind-parachute open to soak the insights that have imparted a new dimension to his persona. Besides, he is an avid photographer and spends his leisure time reading.

His mission is to introduce as many people to the world of financial freedom as he could. He waters the strong belief that each one of us has descended on this big blue marble to live the life of abundance. However, most of us have surrendered ourselves to mediocrity and hence, we keep ourselves away from the lion’s share that we deserve. This is where Taresh can help with his eye-opening ideologies and create a pathway to awakening the dormant you.

Taresh’s mission is to transform this pathway of abundance into a superhighway. Therefore, his aims to counsel 1,00,000 individuals and families and splitting-open the gates to the life they deserve. He has been working diligently to bring this mission of his to fruition. This is likely to trigger a financial revolution in India.