-Written By Taresh Bhatia

The Richness Principles is a book on how a common man can become an affluent person by following simple guidelines. Irrespective of the earning or assets owned, the insights mentioned in this book are, in fact, implementable in everyday life.


A Help-Book to Enrich your Wisdom, Finances and most importantly your self

After reading this book, you will start to gain positive beliefs to live the life of abundance that you deserve. You should increase your power of the mind, to open up all the possibilities of having more money. You can invest based on your beliefs and not go by hearsay”. Your investments are always based on your value systems. And this book spotlights the value systems that you should be watering to be a money magnet.

Here are the five exclusive takeaways that you can count on after reading this book:

  1. You will gain impeccable knowledge
  2. You will learn the Skill that will give you an edge in investing.
  3. You do not have to worry about your future.
  4. You will not be dependent on others; rather, others will be inter-dependent on you.
  5.  You can dream of achieving all your financial dreams within your resources. And you do not need an array of advisors for this. You can create your own path that leads to abundance.


Taresh Bhatia

Taresh Bhatia is the author of  the book: The Richness Principles, Born to a journalist and a teacher, writing and teaching has been instilled in his genes.

Taresh Bhatia is a graduate from Delhi University. He holds an MBA degree from IMI Institute, New Delhi. Besides, he is a CFP – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. Taresh has expertise in offering the best personal financial advice which is backed by over 30 years of industry experience and a multitude of learnings. Taresh has helped over 1000 individuals and families (the number is still counting) plan and organized their financial life for them to move positively towards their financial goals.He is the Founder and Partner of the firm, Advantage Financial Planners LLP- which is registered with SEBI as a “Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The company provides financial planning advisory services from its office in Gurgaon, India.

His mission is to counsel 1,00,000 individuals and splitting-open the gates to the life that they deserve. He has been working diligently to bring this mission of his to fruition since it is likely to trigger a financial revolution in India.





Read the experience of our happy customers.

Taresh has always been passionate about using financial planning to  create wealth not just in monetary terms but in how we choose to live and contribute in society...... I have had the privilege of witnessing this positive energy at BNI Gurgaon meetings and look forward to his sharing the "The Richness principle" with all of you.
Rakesh Kochhar
Executive Director, BNI Gurgaon
Taresh learnt the basics of NLP and mastered it well. He merged his learning and applied NLP to financial planning. With years of practice, he dwelled deep into the lives of the rich and wealthy people’. Finally, he brought out these practical principles for the common man. His book is an awesome blend of “Beliefs-thoughts-action”. I wish him well and congratulate Taresh for his book-The Richness Principles
Ram Verma
NLP Coach
With his years of research, dedication, training and experience, Taresh has come out with this book “The Richness Principles” He has unearthed 12 Golden Principles which he has shared in this book, which can help the readers unlock their fortunes towards their path to richness. Strategically all the twelve modules give an in-depth knowledge, yet are mentioned in very basic and simplified language.
T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair
India’s Most Famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational and Confidence Guru, Sales Guru, Visionary
Taresh has a unique ability to take complex financial topic and make it simple to understand. This simplicity is rare. I extend my best wishes for his book The Richness Principles.
Akshar Yadav
Creator: "Get Overbooked" Marketing Framework
"Wisdom is not just intelligence, it is intelligence combined with good intent. I have seen Taresh put in years of hardwork to master the Principles of life with an intent to help others. The Richness Principles will not only make one financially rich but also rich in many other aspects of life."
Krishnan Raman
Life Coach | Executive Coach


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